How Paytm got a no cost loan from public?

How Paytm got a no cost loan from public?

Paytm board to consider share buyback at Dec 13 meeting: 

Paytm’s IPO set a price band of Rs. 2080 to Rs. 2150 and the current price of Paytm is Rs. 544, a 70% downfall since from the time of its listing day. 

Now they are considering about Buy Back. Lets understand this with an example, let suppose the Buy Back Price decided by the paytm boards would be Rs. 600 

In this scenario, Paytm sold the public his shares at a price of Rs. 2080, and they are now being purchased by the public for a price of Rs. 600. As a result, Paytm receives a free loan of Rs. 1480 from the public itself and there is no principal repayment or interest repayment at all on this. 

Nice move Paytm 

Isn’t the case? whats your thought?

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